Our Videos feature: How to Assemble and Paint a Paradise Honey Bee Hive. Demonstrate the quality 6 Frame Nuc & Mate Hive and its options.  Also opening hives in winter conditions to demonstrate the hives strength within an insulated Paradise Poly Hive.  A system of Splitting colonies using the 6 Frame Nuc, Building a Cell Builder Hive, Grafting queen bees etc.

Feeding Commercial Apiary “Custom Bee Feed”

How to maximise queen bee grafting success using a queen bee cell starter beehive. This method creates an emergency but low stress situation for the large number of nurse bees in the hive, inspiring them to create queen cells using the newly grafted larvae.
A simple and easy technique for grafting queen bees.
This video is demonstrating how the Commercial Base can be used to isolate and equalize splits. By using the commercial base without the mesh but over a queen excluder you can start another hive or a split (using a queen, cell or young eggs).
Our new beehive and honey super pallets are designed to be light weight, strong and durable. The pallets are constructed of light weight sheetmetal components that are welded together and then treated in zinkalume coating to maximise corrosion resistance. The beehive pallet carries 4 X Paradise Honey polystyrene beehives and the honey pallet carried 4 x stacks of paradise honey beeboxes
The Paradise Honey Nuc&Mate beehive system offers some usefull options. In this video, the divider board and the 5 litre hive top feeder is described. The divider board allows the 6 frame NUC&MATE to be split into two three frame nucleous hives. The 5 Litre hive top feeder is an excellent way to feed your nucleous colonies with sugar syrop without the risk of robbing by other stronger colonies.
Demonstrating the Paradise Honey commercial beekeeping system. Optimised for migratory beekeeping, the system delivers efficiencies and benefits not possible in traditional wooden or plastic beehives.