Hive Top – Commercial Style- Only a couple left!


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Only a couple left!!

The new Paradise Honey commercial hive top has been designed for commercial bee keeping operations. Unlike the original hive top which has raised ribs along each side of the top surface, the new model is flat on top enabling hives to be stacked on top of each other for transport.

It is also flat on the underside which means the feeding cavity, standard on the original hive top, is not a part of this design. This is more efficient for commercial beekeepers as the bee gap between the frames and the underside of the hive top is an optimal 8-10mm, reducing unnecessary comb build up on top of the frames. It also ensures that the bees can quickly and easily glue down the lid with minimal beeswax, and reducing the risk of the hive top blowing off the bee hive in high wind conditions.

Finally, the length and width of the hive top now matches the length and width dimensions of the hive body precisely making it easy to stack hives or supers on pallets.

Hive Top – Commercial Style- Only a couple left!


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