Smoker Jumbo – Beeko (Aust made)

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The Beeco Jumbo smoker is the only smoker I recommend and sell to beekeepers whether you are a hobbyist or a large commercial beekeeper.

This smoker is design and made in Australia by a commercial beekeeper and therefore is tried and tested in Australian conditions. Firstly, the bellow design draws air in from a vent at the top of the bellow and blows it out the bottom into the furnace. A lot of the cheaper products draw and blow from the same location which presents a considerable fire danger as it pulls hot coal from the furnace each time the smoker is puffed. This coal falls onto the ground and can often ignite dry grass.

Secondly, unlike smaller body smokers, it easy to light and it stays alight. The smaller smokers are inclined to go out if they are not consistently puffed. As you can imagine, the last thing you need is to have the smoker go out while you are working your beehives. It is important to have smoke on tap to manage the attitude of your bees. If you have to relight your smoker mid-way through working a colony, your honeybees attitude will diminish quickly and the end result could be you and anyone close by getting many stings.

If you’re a hobbyist and are tempted by the cheap bee smokers on the basis that you don’t use it often, stop and think about it this way. Buy the best quality and design smoker now and you could have your Beeco Jumbo smoker for life. Finally, use-ability is important. The Beeco smoker is easy to light, soft to puff and will give you the peace of mind that you can depend on it when you need it. It just might save your errr …rear end…!

Smoker Jumbo – Beeko (Aust made)

1 review for Smoker Jumbo – Beeko (Aust made)

  1. bobgough308

    I recently purchased a Beeko Jumbo smoker from Deb, and am very pleased with the build quality and with the smoker’s performance.

    As a beginner, before I went anywhere near live bees (so there was one less thing to go wrong!) I wanted to practice lighting the smoker, test the performance of different fuels (seeing how much smoke was produced and the burn time for different fuels etc).

    I found the smoker easy to light using fuels such as dry pine needles (radiata) and eucalypt leaves (White Box and Hill Redgum). The smoker produces good quantities of thick, cool smoke. It projects the smoke well, even into a slight breeze, but doesn’t “smoke you out” when not in use.

    When measuring burn times, my plan was to use a double hand full of fuel (pine needles or eucy leaves), get the smoker smoking well, then give the smoker 3-5 good puffs every 3 mins until the fuel ran out, but I ended up putting the fuel out after 30 mins, as it was a hot January afternoon, and I was worried my neighbours (200m away) would smell the smoke and call the CFA. I have not tried other fuels yet, but I have no doubt the performance will be excellent.

    The outer heat shield does it’s job well, and I found the Beeko smoker to be very stable when you put it down on the ground. Yes, the jumbo size is more than the average apiarist needs, but I’m not too worried about that. I keep the smoker in a metal bucket to prevent mishaps.

    I always invest in a quality tools, and have no reservations in recommending the Australian made Beeko smoker.

    • admin

      Hi Bob, Thankyou for your detailed critique of the the Beeco Smoker. They are certainly a good thing. And with the double vent holes are less likely to blow hot ash out onto the ground when using the bellows like those with a single vent. Happy beekeeping!!

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