Nucleus Hive

Benefits of Nucleus Hive

Bees are paramount to the ecosystem, and we need them more than they need us. Some are immensely passionate about keeping bees and setting up shop with a beehive. Once the bee bug, or in this case the bee sting, gets hold of you, it is crucial to start educating yourself. Debzzz Beekeeping Paradise has eliminated several of the challenges when getting started by supplying a range of nucleus hive products for small colonies, splits, and small swarms. Here are the key benefits of using our Paradise Honey Polystyrene Beehives.

  • Superior thermal performance. It provides a healthy environment for honeybees to survive cold and damp winters. It also provides a dry and warm environment increasing their survival rate and overall health.
  • Safe for bees and the environment. Our EPS 100 beehive by Paradise Honey increases bees’ wellbeing due to its expansive thermal properties providing more stable temperature protection. Therefore, our Nuc & Mate hive products are ideal compared to a wooden or plastic bee box that has proven to offer less thermal protection. In addition, since EPS is an incredibly light material, it costs less and has fewer environmental impacts when being transported than heavier wood and plastic.

When Buying a Nuc Hive, Consider This

Our Nuc & Mate beehives comprise EPS 100 material and have the option of adding a division board that turns the 6 frame nucleus hive into twice as many three-frame hives for mating or starting small splits. They can also have a second hive box added and 5lt feeders are an option.

Introducing the 8F Nuc & Mate BeeBox. It has the same properties as it’s cousin, the 6F Nuc & Mate but with a great difference: it can be divided into four 2-frame hive compartments to mate 4 queens at the same time. The dividing walls can be later removed one by one if needed.

When getting started, you may wonder about the uses and benefits of polystyrene and why they are better performing than wood and plastic. Here are three pointers to consider when selecting your Nuc products.

  • No toxic chemical production. EPS is a safe and non-toxic material for bees. It is also devoid of fungi and mould as it does not create an environment for growth.
  • Unrivalled strength. Our hives are incredibly strong, thanks to EPS. They do not become brittle over time as long as you paint them with exterior paint, as this not only protects the bees from UV radiation but also strengthens your beehive.
  • Hives in eight or nine frames. Our eight/nine-frame Paradise Honey beehives are built to Australian Honeybee’s specification. So you can run nine frames in the brood box and either eight or nine in the honey supers.

We offer a vast selection of products specific to your needs. Our Nuc product range is strong and durable with exceptional features to ensure your seamless journey with bees. We understand your passion since we, too, live that passion.

Contact us with any questions regarding your next product selection.

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