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Keeping bees is a passion not readily explained but a passion, nonetheless. Whether you want to keep a commercial beehive for honey production and a little extra cash in your pocket, or if you want to do your bit for the environment, once the beekeeping bug – pardon the pun – bites, you’ll never look back. We offer a wide variety of beekeeping equipment and implements, including bee frames for sale.

Across the world, bees are fast becoming endangered. Most people associate the bee only with honey, but the fact is that they play a much more significant role in the world. Reported bee species have dropped more than 25% since the ’90s. Why is this such a problem, you ask? Because without bees and other insect pollinators, the world will die.

Benefits of Commercial Beehive

Both wild and managed bees are responsible for the successful pollination of thousands of wild plant species around the world, as well as the overwhelming majority of cultivated crops – more than 85%, to be exact. However, studies have found that even among the most common bee species, there is a radical decline in numbers. For example, halictid bees are the second most common bee species globally, declining by approximately 17% since the 1990s.

  • The obvious reason for keeping bees as a commercial enterprise is the production of that exceptionally healthy and delicious thick golden liquid we call honey. As well as commercial pollination opportunities i.e. Almonds. Long before cane sugar came along, honey was the primary sweetener used by humanity, revered to this day for its exceptional taste and numerous health benefits.  
  • Even with the rise of modern, more environmentally friendly farming methods, commercial farming is still the world’s primary food source. Keeping bees lets you do your bit to help ensure food stability by providing adequate pollination of crops.
  • Enjoy nature, do you? Without bees, there will not be a nature to enjoy, as so many wild plants rely on bees for pollination. Keeping bees helps maintain a balance.

What You Can Expect from Debzzz Beekeeping Paradise Regarding Bee Frames for Sale

We started the beekeeping gear outlet as we could see a local need in particular as there was a gap in the market. This grew quickly and has resulted in us creating an online store to provide for those who can’t visit in store.

  • We offer an extensive range of beekeeping equipment, including beehives, protective gear and tools, honey extraction equipment, hive accessories, feed supplements for bees, and bee frames for sale.
  • Our convenient online shop allows you to browse through our products at your leisure from the comfort of your home. Easy and secure check-out and Australia-wide delivery options make us the ideal resource for all your beekeeping equipment.
  • We are knowledgeable on all things bees and beekeeping particularly for the hobby or back yard beekeeper. We also started out knowing a lot of nothing, so we know how daunting beekeeping can be for the novice. We will gladly offer practical advice on all your beekeeping issues.

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We are the number one resource for beekeeping equipment in Yackandandah, serving our local beekeeping community from our small retail outlet in Back Creek Road and the greater Australian beekeeping community via our convenient and intuitive online shop.

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