Polystyrene Beehives Australia

Discover the Advantages of EPS Polystyrene Beehives in Australia

If you’re shopping for polystyrene beehives in Australia, then you are likely either considering beekeeping or already an experienced beekeeper in need of new supplies. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Debzzz Beekeeping Paradise offers a range of hives, protective clothing, and accessories for the backyard or commercial beekeeper.

The Benefits of Expanded Polystyrene Bee Boxes (EPS)

Honeybees require very specific conditions to thrive. One factor that determines whether a beehive is hospitable is the material from which it is made. Wood has been the traditional favourite. However, today, newer options are available, such as expanded polystyrene. While both materials have their unique strengths, there are a few ways that polystyrene hives stand out, particularly their thermal superiority.

  • They’re easy to maintain. EPS Polystyrene beehives are very easy to clean and sterilise. You can soak them and scrub them with a solution of sodium hydroxide or washing soda to remove wax and propolis, then sterilise them with household bleach. Whereas wooden hives are porous and a little tricker to keep clean, EPS polystyrene boxes are non-porous, meaning that anything you use to clean them will not be absorbed. Instead, it will be washed off completely, leaving the hive sterile and ready to welcome back your bees.  And Yes, EPS Hives can be gamma irradiated to sanitise.
  • Expanded Polystyrene is a sustainable material. Not only is EPS polystyrene 100% recyclable, but it uses fewer resources to recycle it than it takes to recycle paper. In some areas, more polystyrene is recycled each year than glass or aluminium. Do your research and find out if your local recycling facility accepts it; if not, there may be another one nearby that will. This material also burns cleanly, producing only water, CO2, and a trace of ash. Overall, polystyrene is a surprisingly eco-friendly material to choose for your hives.
  • They are easier and more affordable for beekeepers to use. It’s easier and more cost-effective to add EPS polystyrene hives to your existing colonies than adding wooden hives. A polystyrene bee box is comparably priced with that of wooden hives. Furthermore, EPS polystyrene is waterproof (no wood rot), so it will last longer and keep the bees drier. It is also much thicker with 40mm walls and therefore well-insulated, so your bees will need to expend less energy to maintain optimum hive temperature. In general, it’s easy to see why this material is a popular one among both new and experienced beekeepers.

Tips Regarding Keeping Bees in a Paradise Honey Beebox

If you are thinking of getting started in beekeeping, you’re not alone. The number of hobby beekeepers is growing as people discover the benefits of keeping bees – including how much fun it is. If you’re wondering how to get started, what you can do to ensure success, or where to buy beehives, we can help. Here are a few tips for setting you on the right path.

  • Sitting your hives 4-6” off the ground helps keep the bees away from ground-level moisture and splashing.  Higher hive stands can become awkward in summer when the hive might expand to three or four boxes high depending on the honey season. Also as Paradise Honey Hives have ventilated bases they should not be lifted high due to cold winds in winter. Bees are not fond of wind.  Which direction to face the entrance? If you have a choice then facing East or North East to pick up morning sun is beneficial but not necessary. 
  • Winter: Our winter climates here in Australia are not a problem for bee colonies, particularly if housed in EPS Hives. The cold isn’t new to bees; they’ve survived winter for thousands of years. However, living in our hives is new for them, and we have to help them adjust. Be sure to educate yourself about “winter pack down” in your area, and take the necessary steps. Bees do better when they’re packed down tight, and as long as you have left them plenty of capped honey stored they should be fine. Reduce the entrance to about 25mm and take note of weight from back when packed down and check every 3 weeks or so. 
  • If you have livestock around your hives then consider a fence to protect them from being knocked over. 

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