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Let’s go shopping!  Debzzz Beekeeping has the unique and premium range of Hive IQ Bee Hives plus beekeeping gear. Including quality bee suits, jackets and the basic required beekeeping needs. Including the quality Oz Armour Protective Gear and the Australian made



Bees……we need them like we need sunshine and rain! Hi my name is Debbie, and I love keeping bees! I started with one hive, then three and then after making a conscious decision that four was enough…. I now have

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Hands-On Mentoring

I offer a hands on mentoring service to new beekeepers that might need help in those early days/months of setting out in their new beekeeping adventure.

Honey Beekeeping

Honey Beekeeping

Honey Bee Keeping Tips and Tricks for Successful Honey Beekeeping Honey beekeeping can be an especially fulfilling hobby and may benefit the environment at the same time. If you’re new to the eco-friendly hobby, certain facts will make your beekeeping

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Feeding Commercial Apiary “Custom Bee Feed”   A simple and easy technique for grafting queen bees:   Australian Honeybee Spring Health Inspection 

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Out with the old and in with the new. These Paradise Honey BeeBoxes are great. A big thanks to Deb from Debzzz Raw Honey



Great Raw honey and keen beekeeper who is in the thick of things. Good knowledge base and willing to help young beeks.

Peter Debicki The Polish Beekeeper